Have you walked a mile in my shoes?

You know how the old saying goes — something about never knowing someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes? Well, I can’t say that you’ll learn anything about the inner me, but I CAN say that walking a mile in THESE shoes (through Central Park on a 95-degree day) was comfortable and I looked (relatively*) cute in the process!

What: Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 sandals.

  • New lightweight, two-way stretch knit upper with sling comfort construction.
  • Sealed edge footbed made from real yoga mats.
  • Happy U rubber sponge outsole.
  • VeganĀ andĀ vegetarian.


Where: I bought mine through Zappos. Overnight delivery, free shipping and returns for up to a year. How can you go wrong?!

Things to know:

  • Some reviewers on Zappos complained about the heel strap falling down. This did not happen to me at all, so I’m not sure what the issue is, although apparently some people couldn’t figure out which strap was the heel strap. Basically the heel strap comes from the toe thong. Easy.
  • They only come in whole sizes. I went with a 10 and it’s probably a little bigger than some would prefer. But I HATE when my toes or heels hang off of shoes so I went big.
  • Foot/arch support is what you would expect from traditional flip-flops — that is to say, minimal. I would not actually advise hiking through the park in them. Having said that, my feet were no worse for the wear having done so, and the best part was NO BLISTERS thanks to the cloth straps!

* Note that lack of cuteness had everything to do with me sweating, huffing and puffing as I worked my way through the park with a real-feel temperature of 110 degrees, and nothing to do with my super cute shoes!