Yes Virginia, there IS a bubble-less screen protector!

Picture it (I’m sure you can):  me, sitting at my desk.  I’ve purchased a box of two screen protectors for my phone, to replace the current version that has developed all sorts of scratches, dings and chips as well as two mysterious blobby bubble things that weren’t there a couple of days ago and have no apparent cause.  These particular replacement protectors come with a green frame to help align the film over my phone – bonus!  I remove the first from its packaging, take the microfiber cloth and wipe, wipe, wipe my phone’s screen.  Getting every last bit of dirt, dust, hair and ew what is that thing? off of my phone’s screen.  I place the frame around my phone, remove the protective backing and more quickly than I can whip out my credit card at an LK Bennett sale, press down on the screen.  Success!  Or, wait, what is that?  Sigh.  Is that a hair?  and over there — that looks like a speck.  But it’s white.  On my black screen.  It can’t stay there.  I’ll just peel back the film a little bit and wipe them off.  There.  Oh.  But now there are those other two little splotches.  I will just peel back the film…  You see where this is going, right?  And lather, rinse repeat with the second frame/film until I give up in frustration and hope my screen doesn’t get scratched before I can remedy this situation.

If this sounds at all familiar to you, meet my new best friend iVisor.  First applied by Rob at the AT&T wireless store, I thought it was a fluke.  Wipe, align, drop on and press.  But Rob does this all the time, so the fact that HE told me it’s foolproof meets with some skepticism.  So I ordered two more – one for my iPad mini and one for my MacBook Air.  They arrived today and I’m in love.  Or at least some serious like.  I think it might have taken me 7 minutes, including cleaning time, to install on my iPad.  Speck/bubble/whatever free.  And I did at first have a single little string of something under the screen film.  I removed the film, wiped the screen and the film clean (the secret is that there’s only adhesive on the edges, NOT the actual protector part) and re-installed.  Voila!  Perfection!  They claim you can remove, wash and reuse, and I can see how that would be possible if you’re careful not to mess up the adhesive on the edges.  Makes the somewhat higher cost more palatable.

There is a whole line 0f iVisors available online at Amazon and at Moshi directly.

They also have a glass version, creatively named iVisor Glass, which intrigues me (Rob mentioned it) but my particular iPhone case doesn’t lend itself to the glass – something about the edges of the case pushing in on the screen.  Anyway, give it a try and let me know what you think!

For anyone who’s wondering, I have the anti-glare rather than the crystal clear – just my personal preference.  I’ve read in reviews that some find its reduction of the retina display crispness bothersome but since I’ve always gone antiglare, I don’t notice and would rather have the ability to read my phone in the sunlight.